Low sugar unpasteurised Kombucha and Water Kefir

Gut loving, traditionally brewed Kombucha and Water Kefir, designed for you, not the shelf.

Made in Australia, in small batches and based on 100% Australian organic green tea, raw sugar and whole fruits. Gluten free, vegan and absolutely no stevia - just refreshing tastes.

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Dark Forest Beverages

Drinking traditional, old school Kombucha has been linked to improved gut health, reduced inflammation, and weight loss.

Research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food 2014, state:

"It is shown that kombucha can efficiently act in health preservation and recovery due to four main properties: detoxification, anti-oxidation, energising potencies, and promotion of boosting immmunity." -

How good is that!!


These kombucha flavours are absolutely delicious and taste so much better knowing there are no synthetic sweeteners or flavour enhancers.

Chris B, Brisbane

So good! I can't believe how good these are. The dry ginger one blew me away how delicious it was and didn't taste like sugar filled lolly water.

Matt K, Brisbane

Great tasting kombucha. Hard to pick a favourite however cherry just comes slightly ahead of spicy dry ginger, raspberry and ginger, cranberry and, of course, the original is marvellous with just about any spirit or white wine spritzer.

Moira Eley, Adelaide South Australia

This kombucha really settles my nerves and my kids love it too, they think it's traditional soft drink which is awesome

Linda Alcorn, Ballarat Victoria

"I drink it with Gin and I don't wake up with a hangover"

Mark Davies, Wollongong New South Wales

"Drinking Dark Forest Original Kombucha has helped my digestion no end! And it tastes great"

Geoff Graham, Soldiers Point New South Wales
Apple and Fig Kombucha is our nod to the Tasmanian ciders - crisp and clean, refreshing as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drink.

Low sugar alternative to traditional soft drink.

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Kombucha vs. Traditional Soft Drinks

Want to make your own kombucha?

It is very rewarding making your own stuff, (if you have time), especially gut loving wild ferments designed to improve your overall wellbeing! Check out the link for the recipe and let us know how you go.